These are clients of National Solutions Group. They have been so pleased with their experience they have explained they are available to personally confirm their experiences with prospective clients.

Upon request and approval client contact details may be provided.

"We hope she stays longer as she has been an excellent tenant and you and your staff have been a “dream” to work with.

Regards and thanks"

Lyn and Scott

"Whenever we enter into the unknown with our finances there is always a thought in the back of our minds that if it seems too good to be true it must not be what its presented as being……

I can now safely remove my foot from my mouth as when we were approached by National Solutions Group I thought “ohh my, I pray this goes as they say it will” and it has been amazing from start to finish and now into the future as they also have the rental agency side.

We built out first investment property through National solutions and everything they promised to happen happened!!!!!!. We have a house now in as little as 3 months to build plus tenants moved in straight away which is more than I could of hoped for. The house is trendy, modern and maintainable for renters.

The main thing I have noticed is that the level of communication has been amazing - I seriously haven’t had to stress about anything from going for the loan to the tenants moving in.

And this whole process has cost us NO out of pocket expenses. This house will pay for itself with no additional cost to us. Everything is managed through one account which NSG made sure had enough to cover everything we needed to pay for during and after construction plus money to cover vacancy which we haven’t needed to use.

Our experience with National Solutions group has been outstanding - I mean who wouldn’t want an investment that over time will be our retirement or whatever life throws at us. The Team at National solutions have really impressed me. They communicate so well within the company, there is someone looking after every aspect of the business, phone calls and emails responded to nearly immediately. Now you can’t say that about many companies as you usually you get the run around, but not with this group of dedicated professionals who are there to answer any questions that may come up and their patience in explaining things in a way that even I could understand."

Excited Owners Richard and Charlotte

"I would like to commend you on your team at NRS as a tenant I have always felt that property managers are only interested in looking after their landlords. What a lovely surprise and pleasure to be treated with respect and greeted with smiling faces or a happy voice. Please pass on my thanks to your whole team, well done NRS.

Many thanks,"


"Thanks again... as usual, you are too efficient!!!"


"The team at NRS carried out a number of property inspections yesterday morning. I would like to extend our appreciation for the courteous and professional way that you carried yourselves during the inspection.

Your property manager asked if we had any maintenance items that we wanted to report. We said we didn’t but to their credit they noticed a light in the family room that we had forgotten about. Added to this we received a phone call from Huff’s Electrical for the repair of the light. It was fixed by 3:00pm yesterday afternoon. To their credit they had followed it up as soon as they got back to the office. It makes it much nicer when the procedures you have are working so effectively.

The above sentiments were also echoed by the comments that Bridget and Leon made to us last night. Please give them a “Gold Star” and our best wishes for a job well done!!

Kind regards,"

Gavin & Lorraine

"For many years we had been convinced by various seminars regarding the purchasing of an investment property. The main problem was the need to ‘sell’ the idea to us… and using a sales person to do it. For us, this wasn't what we were looking for.

We wanted someone genuine to walk us through the process and we found that in NSG. We didn't need to be sold on the idea. We wanted to go over the nuts and bolts of whether it could be done, and how. And that's exactly what we got.

Fortunately for us that's not all NSG does. They've sorted out our finances, insurances and our superannuation, and we even get out tax done at a major discount

We’re now the proud owners of an investment property in Caloundra, with great tenants installed, and our future is looking a lot brighter, and it's all thanks to the National Solutions Group.

Thanks guys!"

Nathan and Rosemarie

"Hi Jasmin, although we haven’t met I would like to compliment you on your staff. From the first phone call answered by your lovely receptionist Alex to my dealings with my property managers Samantha and Nicole I have nothing but praise.
Your team have made things very easy for me and it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with them. Being new to property investment I must admit I was a little concerned about my lovely new home being looked after by tenants and getting the best rental return. After 12 months I am getting a return of almost 6% and my 2nd inspection report and photos shows my home being looked after as if I was living there myself.

Thank You so much and please pass on my special thanks to Samantha,

kind regards"

Glen and Khristina

"Thank you so much for the feedback. I really want to COMMEND you, and how professional National Rental Solutions operate. We have never had Property Manager’s send us photos of a property inspection before. Just excellent! Thank you – the tenant and yourselves have been a dream to work with. We hope she extends her lease. Regards and thank you as always."

Lyn and Scott

“I just wanted to send you a quick email and thank you for your exceptional services in attempting to find us a property to rent. I have noticed that within your industry customer service has drastically disappeared, this is not the case when it comes to you. Your contact and follow up phone calls, your prompt attendance to appointments, your professionalism and caring attitude have been a welcome change to what we have experienced with other agencies.

Again I thank you and hope to deal with you in the future.”


"I would like to comment on how impressed we are to date with your communication and commitment to making this a success. Your flexibility in providing other options astounds me. Your way of working and operations are proving to be a strong foundation for a successful and lasting future partnership. I look forward to what the next brings."

Jodie E

“We have just relocated from Cairns to the Sunshine Coast, which was quite stressful, National Rental Solutions made everything so easy, especially Sophie, she was so polite and friendly and always professional. National Rental Solutions always found time to answer all the questions we had. They make such a refreshing change from other real estate’s that we have dealt with.

Everyone is always quick to complain when it comes to things going wrong, but I really thought that I should comment on how great National Rental Solutions has been through the whole process.”


"Our experiences with property investment with NSG has been nothing but positive. The whole process has been hassle free from the time an investment is recommended until the handover to NSR for rent. NSG takes the initiative to learn about our needs as clients and we were then recommended investments that suited out portfolio. We have not only stopped with one investment with NSG but also recommended NSG to friends who were ready to start property investment."

Sharon Thanabal

"Thank-you for dealing with the issues so promptly, your service is always wonderful :)

Kind Regards,"


“The team at NRS were a great help, they did their up-most to find me a suitable property in the time frame, they were a pleasure to deal with, and I would have no hesitation recommending them as the first call for any property needs on the Sunshine Coast”