Investment Property in Queensland

Invest in Queensland

National Solutions Group knows that Queensland has continued to show strong signs of growth when it comes to the property investment cycle. Queensland is seen to grow its population by 6.1 million to 9.1 million within 2006 and 2056. With this, the housing prices are also expected to grow as the demands grow. In the next few years, it is seen that prices will rise at about 23 percent making Queensland a very appealing location for property investment.

Queensland is Australia’s fastest growing state. The growing population is pushed by the interstate migration and foreign investment. It has been the favorite location for lifestyle, migration, and investment because of its natural allure, attracting more and more investors and new residents per year.

In contrast with other states, Queensland’s population is distributed to different cities, each with diverse natural resources, attractions and strong economic growth. The state is known for its very strong coal mining industry and other large industries that include chemical production, power generation, and other energy related activities that set off the rise in economy and employment opportunities.

Population Growth

By 2031, Queensland will grow its population by about 6.6 million and approximately 9.1 million people in 2056. This surge in population growth will be driven by more migration throughout the state.

An average increase of 96,300 to 104, 100 people per year is expected in Queensland.

Queensland is an ageing population. From the median age of 36.0 years it will rise to 42.8 years in 2056 due to the projected increase in growth of people around 65 years of age. This is due to the fact that Queensland appeals to people who want to invest for retirement.

Brisbane alone has over 2 million population and still growing up to 3 million in the next 40 years. In 2026, South East Queensland is projected to grow to 4 million people. Gold Coast’s 500,000 will reach 1 million people by 2050. Sunshine Coast is also continuously growing and will reach half a number of about 500,000 people in the next 20 years.

With population going each year, the demands for more and newer dwellings will significantly increase, putting pressure on housing market prices. It is a great time to invest in property market and benefit from the rental returns.



Queensland’s economic growth rate is 3.8 percent, 35 percent higher than Australia’s average. More than 25, 000 people move to Queensland per year, making its population to steadily grow and will replace Victoria as Australia’s second most populous and largest state.

Employment is steadily rising as more and more investors are getting involved with the mining industries, and other powerful industries known as the major bloodline of Queensland which also trigger the rise in population and housing demands.

Infrastructures and Developments

Queensland is a very convenient state for travel. It currently has three international airports and over 130 domestic airports which has average weekly flights of 400 just in for Brisbane International Airport and 2,300 domestic flights. Brisbane airport is also one of the two curfew-free international airports throughout Australia.

There is a currently 680,000 road links across Queensland and major road links connecting the surrounding regions to Brisbane capital.

Further developments and expansions are done to accommodate the growing and changing needs of the growing population. Upgrading and hardening infrastructures, enhanced telecommunication, innovative technology, research and development help strengthen knowledge-based economy that offer substantial source of employment and better modern lifestyle to recent and future residents.

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