David Beveridge


National Solutions Group – Director

Married with 7 children and two grandchildren, David Became an Australian Certified Investment Planner 1989. He then Established Financial Planning firm SecurInvest Advisory Services in 1989 growing this to a national firm operating in all Australian States and the ACT.

From 1992 to 1996 David trained nearly 300 Financial Planners as compliance manager of two Licensed Dealers in Securities, whilst also working with his own private clients across Australia. He then went on to specialise in investment gearing along with personal and corporate debt restructuring throughout the 90s.

In in 2002 David jointly founded the Australian College of Financial Education. ACOFE is a private college specialising in share trading and all forms of investment. David oversaw the growth of this college to over 1500 students before joining with current directors of National Solutions Group to deliver the diverse range of Financial services on offer.

Currently, David is delivering the lectures on strategy and planning for students of the College, he also works across each of the Divisions of National Solutions Group, which include accounting, finance real estate, financial planning, insurance and construction.