Tools and Resources

Mortgage Minimiser

Budgeting Calculator

Click here to download the budget-planner

Use the online version here



ASIC Money Health Check

The money health check will tell you if your finances need attention, could be better or are under control.

It will give you a report on your money health and suggest some steps to improve your finances.

Access it online by clicking here


ATO Super Seeker

Check for your lost super here


Track My Spend App

Track your personal expenses on the go with this free easy-to-use app that you can use on your iPhone or iPod (Android version coming soon).

Track your spending

  • Track expenses by categories
  • Track expenses while you are travelling or on an outing
  • Record work or project-related expenses

Set goals and save

  • Set a realistic spending limit and stick to it
  • Separate ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ to identify opportunities to save
  • Manage your household or family budget

Use the app to get a clear picture of what you are spending your money on and gain control of your money.


Mortgage Health Check

Find out how well you are coping with your mortgage with this tool from ASIC

Access it online by clicking here



Savings Goal Calculator

Helps you work out:

  • What it will take to reach your savings goals
  • How long it will take you
  • The steps you need to take to put your plan into action


Access it online by clicking here


 Retirement Planner

Helps you work out:

  • What income you are likely to have after you retire
  • How contributions, investment options, fees and retirement age affect your retirement income
  • What actions you can take to boost your retirement income

Access it online by clicking here


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