Tailored solutions delivered through private client managers supported by skilled professionals

Is the conventional approach working for You?

For many Australians simply keeping abreast of the changes that bombard us from every corner is enough to fill our calendar for weeks, never seeming to abate or allow us to really sit and plan well for our family’s future.

Combine the everyday distractions of raising a family, developing a career or business, dealing with life’s little (or large) hurdles and it’s no wonder that the underlying worry of failing to secure a financially sound future is stronger now than ever before.

The explosion of the managed funds industry over the last three decades in Australia is testament to the value we as a country place on these desires.

The recent global financial meltdown has forced many people to ask “Is the conventional approach working for me?”

Often, before meeting with us, many of our clients have admitted they have been unable to find the right mix of strategies or financial consultants that allow them to feel secure and confident with their plans moving forward.

Our mission at NSG is to deliver to you this confidence. Through the dedication, expertise and experience of the combined team we aim to establish and maintain a relationship based on sound financial management.

From tax planning and debt structuring through to direct investment in property and even up to your education in investment across a wide range of sectors and strategies, our business is structured to work hand in hand with each discipline and tailor the service and product offering to suit your exact needs.

“In today’s world of technology and globalization, the only certain things are; change and the fact that time will keep passing – some say faster and faster.”